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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Little House on the Prairie

Last night The Girls and I went to see Little House on the Prairie, the Musical. We had a blast!

I read the Little House books growing up, and I enjoyed them even more when we read them together as a family a few years ago. The Girls have just started reading the books on their own. I think they enjoyed the show even more because they easily recognized the characters and plot.

I also grew up watching Little House on the Prairie on television, and it still ranks as one of my top five favorite television series. It was syndicated by the time I was in grade school. I got home from school about 3:45 and it was on at 4:00. As a mother, I now understand why that was the perfect time to have a quality show on television! We were able to have some downtime after school, and my mom had peace and quiet while she was preparing dinner. We started buying Little House on the Prairie DVDs a couple of years ago and now own the first four seasons. It's fun watching the episodes again with the kids.

Anyway ... back to our evening out. The Girls loved dressing up, and they even got to paint their nails! (Notice the braids -- guess who wants to be Laura?)

We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant before the show. The Girls LOVE Chinese food, the restaurant was within walking distance of the theater, and it was in the Happenings Book my parents loaned us, so we got two entrees for the price of one! (Thanks, Dad and Mom!)

The show itself was great! I'd highly recommend it, especially if you like Little House. Though The Girls have been to the theater once before, this was their first musical, and they loved it -- they love anything that involves music and dancing! And they couldn't believe the same actress who played "Laura" in the TV shows was right before their eyes playing "Ma" on the stage.

Finally, because the person whose tickets we used is a contributor to the theater, we got to sit in his box seats and we were also able to use the Contributors' Lounge during the intermission -- wine and chocolate! (Thanks, again, for thinking of us, Mona!)

After seeing the musical last night, The Girls want to be Mary and Laura for Halloween. Does anyone have any suggestions for where to look for costumes? (I don't have a lot of time or money.)


  1. No suggestions for costuming, but I must say, you girls are gorgeous! What a great time!!!

  2. The Oliver Kelley Farm gift shop has wonderfully made bonnets and aprons. There is a discount for MHS members.

  3. Hi Michelle - Great post! I'm actually doing some promotions for Little House and I thought it would be great to use your post on our Facebook page... not sure if you're already a fan. Anyways, check out the page to see our post about your post and if you have any extra photos from the night out, please feel free to share with the rest of the group. Thanks!
    -Patrick Sammon


  4. Great post and the girls are adorable. I saw the show with a friend on Oct. 1 at the Papermill and being a Little House fan for many years, it was a very special treat. I loved the show and seeing Melissa Gilbert on that stage was a blessing. I've been praying for her, especially since she hurt her back a week or so ago. But she is a trooper and right back on stage, dancing and singing. Praise the Lord for good wholesome shows like this. So glad you had a great time. (I responded from the FB link)

  5. We saw the musical when it was at the Guthrie last summer. We took the oldest, and she loved it! We had excellent seats, too. Center stage, very close to the front. I got all misty-eyed at some parts, especially knowing that Melissa Gilbert was playing Ma ... It's hard to explain, but it was so beautiful! I loved her having a relationship as Ma with the actress who played Laura, since she used to play Laura on TV. It was cool! I'm starting to read the series with the oldest now. She is really enjoying it, and so am I. =)


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