"God made us for joy. God is joy, and the joy of living reflects the original joy that God felt in creating us." (St. John Paul the Great)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lent - Week I

So, I meant to post something Tuesday, saying I wouldn't be around here much during Lent, but I never got around to it -- we were too busy celebrating Fat Tuesday with grilled hamburgers, french fries, vanilla malts, popcorn, and a movie (by the way, The Mighty Macs is a good one for the whole family).


Since it's Sunday, I thought I'd stop by for a minute and fill you in on our week (while Daddy and the three big kids are sledding). Next, I'll go check Facebook, too ... I've been going through withdrawal the last few days. It's good to be more intentional and focused on other things though.

(this year's Lent calendar)

This week ...

... we all attended Ash Wednesday Mass at the University where Daddy teaches -- all of us, that is, except Miss Rose, who was home sick (and very disappointed).

... we started counting our sacrifices and good deeds with dry beans.

... we prayed The Divine Mercy chaplet at three o'clock each day.

... the big girls and I taught our final homeschool rhythms class -- we have spent the last month teaching the phy ed class Irish jigs and reels.

... we got our first real snowfall of the winter (!) and were able to take an afternoon off to go sledding with friends.

... the kids and I attended Stations of the Cross with the students from our parish school.

... we made the decision to add another non-human member to our family. Stay tuned for more.

... we attended our first Lenten Friday fish fry of the season.

... we went to see a local production of Rumpelstiltskin. The Baby was not impressed and she and I spent the better part of the play in the hallway talking about monsters and playing school.

... we enjoyed dinner at the house of some friends.

Today we are celebrating Miss Rose's 11th birthday. Every birthday we celebrate causes me to wonder at how time flies. Today we are enjoying being together at home. It's snowing again. We had a big brunch together after Mass. We played cards. We'll have her favorite spaghetti and meatballs for dinner (which we've had every year since she could say "pasghetti"), followed by banana splits and maybe a movie. I'm so proud of the young lady she is becoming.

I pray you all have a blessed and fruitful Lent. See you next Sunday. Maybe.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Seven Quick Takes - Volume 16


Seven things I love about my husband ...

-- 1 --

He is a man of prayer.

I've always admired this about my husband --
no matter how busy he is, he is faithful and constant,
never forgetting what is most important.

(with The Baby having morning prayer time last winter)

-- 2 --

He loves to spend time with me.

My husband thinks a weekly date night is important.
And he doesn't want to share me with anyone else.

(last week before the symphony)

-- 3 --

He loves his kids.

He cherishes one-on-one time with each child
and tries to get it as often as he can.

(with Miss Rose last summer on vacation)

-- 4 --

He gets up at night with the kids.

Knowing I'm with the kids all day,
and knowing that a good night sleep for the teacher is
essential for the success of our school days,
he is the one to get up with sick kids and scared kids
and whatever else the night brings.

(with Miss Sunshine)

-- 5 --

He cleans toilets and showers, among other things.

And he makes a killer weekend brunch.

(makin' bacon on vacation)

-- 6 --

He is a source of strength.

When I am anxious or overwhelmed, he holds my hand and prays with me.

(swinging The Boy on an early spring walk)

-- 7 --

He works hard.

At whatever he does.

Yet strives for balance.

Happy birthday, Sweetie!

I love you!

And I love that you chose to spend your life with me and the kids!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012