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Friday, August 21, 2009

Quick Takes - Volume 1


--- 1 ---

This is my first Quick Takes. I've seen other bloggers use it, and I like the format. Thanks to Jennifer at Conversion Diary for hosting!

--- 2 ---

The kids just finished their second of two weeks of swimming lessons. They have all been very comfortable in the water, but have never taken formal lessons.

The Boy's big accomplishment was jumping into deep water ("without water wings, Mom!!!").

The younger of The Girls finally learned how to stay afloat on her back.

The older of The Girls really enjoyed the aquatic climbing wall. (What a great idea!)

--- 3 ---

Guess what they're doing? (Answer in next post!)

--- 4 ---

The Baby had her first book read to her yesterday. Her sister read her Angel in the Waters. What an appropriate first book! And how sweet!

--- 5 ---

We decided earlier this year not to take any major trips this summer, in order to maximize my husband's writing time (he's GOING to finish his dissertation this year!). Instead, I signed the kids up for a bunch of different camps.

In June, the girls attended horse camp for the first time. They had expressed an interest a couple years ago. I told them, thinking it was a phase, to start saving their money because horse camp was costly. They didn't spend a dime of birthday or Christmas money in two years and saved the half ($150!) required of them to attend. They had the time of their lives and are already saving for next year.

--- 6 ---

There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on my calendar for next week! All summer camps and lessons are over. It is summer break for the dance school. Fall activities haven't started yet. What will I do with myself? More importantly, what will the kids do with themselves? I plan on getting things ready for school to start. I have a feeling the kids will be only too happy to play at home for a week without interruptions.

--- 7 ---

We had planned on taking a camping trip this weekend, but my husband is behind on his writing deadlines and I am not ready for the school year, so instead this weekend, I will be tackling the second half of the basement.

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  1. Great quick takes, Michelle! I enjoy writing in this format, especially when you have a lot of little things to share =) Have a blessed weekend! I hope you get a lot of the basement done.


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