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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Of Pirates and Sword Fightin'

The Boy has been attending Pirate Art Camp this week.  And he has absolutely loved it!  First, he loves anything having to do with pirates.  Second, he loves art and making things with his hands.  And, third, the camp is for boys only -- The Boy feels outnumbered at home and loves spending time with others of the male species.  

He has made a pirate T-shirt and a pirate hat, some treasure maps and a treasure chest, and he and his sisters have pulled out our other pirate paraphernalia -- another hat, an eye patch, a hook (to replace one's hand), and a plastic sword, among other things.  The pirates are running rampant around here.  The Older of The Girls is Elizabeth Swan; she captains a ship named The Rocking Horse.  The Younger of The Girls is the Princess of the Deep, captain of the Black Pearl.  And The Boy is Blackbeard, captain of the Jolly Roger.  This morning they were making flags for their ships.

They are asking me to find the other plastic swords.  I have been reluctant.  But if I don't find the swords, they'll be using sticks, or something else, anyway.  I was reminded of a great post I read on House Art Journal on rules for sword fightin'.  I think I'll discuss this with the kids later when I get out the other plastic swords and send them out to the backyard to play.

Have a great day, mateys!


  1. I have been reluctant. But if I don't find the swords, they'll be using sticks, or something else, anyway.

    You're quite right.

    What you wrote here reminds me of Chesterton's essay, "The Terror of a Toy", which begins thusly:

    It would be too high and hopeful a compliment to say that the world is becoming absolutely babyish. For its chief weak-mindedness is an inability to appreciate the intelligence of babies. On every side we hear whispers and warnings that would have appeared half-witted to the Wise Men of Gotham. Only this Christmas I was told in a toy-shop that not so many bows and arrows were being made for little boys; because they were considered dangerous. It might in some circumstances be dangerous to have a little bow. It is always dangerous to have a little boy.


  2. It is always dangerous to have a little boy! Too true!

    Let's pray for our little men, that they survive their childhoods and become saints, warriors for the Kingdom! And let's pray for their parents, that we survive their childhoods and become saints too!

    (Is this why hubby and I breathed a sigh of relief when our youngest was another girl?)


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