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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Successes - Volume 6 AND 100th Post

This is my sixth volume of Saturday Successes and I think I have figured out Mr. Linky, so you can join me in celebrating your Saturday successes. The concept arose from my complete frustration at the end of my Saturdays. With homeschooling and working full-time, and hopefully resting on Sundays, my Saturdays have typically been left for EVERYTHING else. My to-do list was so long and overwhelming and hopelessly impossible to complete that I was left frustrated at the end of the day -- only seeing what I did not get done, instead of the myriad of accomplishments. So, I tried a new approach: I start each Saturday with a clean slate, instead of a to-do list. Instead of writing down what needs to get done, I write down what's gotten done, even the seemingly mundane things like changing The Baby's diaper. The point is to find JOY in my successes ... I hope you will join me.

So far today ...

* fed The Baby breakfast and got her dressed
* had breakfast (leftover omelet) and coffee
* spent two hours reading some of the very. lengthy. testimony for a marriage case (in preparation for writing a Defender brief later)
* wrote this 100th blog post and figured out Mr. Linky

2:30 UPDATE:

* showered
* got The Girls new costume pieces labeled and helped them get things together and pack for an afternoon of dancing
* did The Girls hair (BTW, this was a most unpleasant experience for all involved, especially The Older Girl and Mommy!)
* dropped The Girls off at the International Institute for a Festival of Nations review, from their they will go with one of their instructors to perform at the Wee Leprechauns Contest
* took The Boy and The Baby with me to Michaels to buy a star-shaped cake pan and the supplies for The Younger Girl's birthday party invitations
* stopped at McDonald's -- The Boy has been begging to go to a Play Place, and since the older two weren't with us, it seemed like the perfect opportunity (plus, The Boy has been driving me NUTS with his motor mouth and ants-in-pants and it's been too wet and muddy to send him into the backyard to play!)

8:30 UPDATE:

* spent another hour and a half reading the above-mentioned case
* picked up the living room
* picked up and swept the dining room
* went to Mass
* went out for Chinese
* dropped two kids at home to get ready for bed
* dropped DH off at office to work some more
* picked up a friend at a birthday party (got lost!) and dropped The Older Girl and her friend off at The Celtic Junction for a Two Tap Trio concert (The Girls take whistle lessons from Mr. Miller and The Boy's dance teacher is Ms. Norah)
* brought The (very. tired.) Baby home and got her ready for bed

11:00 UPDATE:

* unloaded the dishwasher
* poured a glass of wine to enjoy while ...
* ... still reading this (stinkin' long) case

11:35 UPDATE:
* finished reading ... going to bed

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  1. Great you got Mr. Linky going, and thanks for following our blog!:) Have a great Saturday!


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