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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Successes - Volume 5

Running around like a chicken with my head cut off today ... join me in celebrating your Saturday successes ...

* attempted morning prayer and a cup of coffee, but the kids were up before me, so ... you know how that goes

* got The Baby dressed and fed her breakfast

* helped The Older Girl paint the horse she drew for a pin-the-tale-on-the-horse game

* made a cake

* fixed a fried egg and cheese sandwich (and ate it!)

* put a load of towels in the washer

* unloaded, reloaded, and started the dishwasher

3:00 UPDATE:

* picked up The Baby's room (where everyone's been playing this morning) and put her down for a nap

* picked up and swept the kitchen

* took delicates from dryer, put towels in dryer, and put The Boy's comforter in the washer

* hung pink streamers and balloons in the dining room

* decorated and stuffed six goodie bags

* cut out seven paper horse tails

* made lunch for the kiddos and myself (salami and cheese sandwiches) (look, Sweetie, two meals already today!)

* took a shower

* took towels out of dryer (had to send a Girl down to get one for me when I got out of the shower!) and put The Boy's comforter in the dryer

* decorated cake

* printed out horse breed bingo cards, horse color word search, and horse picture puzzles

* took staples out of seven pink bandanas

* picked up the house

6:30 UPDATE:

* hosted a birthday party for The Older Girl (more on this in another post)

9:15 UPDATE:

* gave The Baby a bath, nursed her, and put her to bed

* ate dinner with DH

* played Word Pirates with The Boy and DH

* watched an episode of The Waltons with DH

going to bed. now.

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  1. I just posted a "Saturday Successes!" Yours are always impressive.:) Hope the party is going well!


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