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Monday, March 8, 2010

Cowgirl Birthday Party

The Older Girl turned nine on February 26.

When the kids were little, before we moved to Milwaukee for graduate school, I would have birthday parties for them with their aunts and uncles, grandparents and godparents. While living in Wisconsin, we celebrated as a family. I think The Girls had a sleepover with one friend once. Last year, with the early arrival of The Baby and the fact that I was either pregnant or recovering from an emergency c-section, we barely celebrated anyone's birthday (all four of The Kids birthdays fall between February 26 and April 1).

Anyway ... the fact is, I feel like I owe them each a birthday party this year (not to mention they've been to parties now, know what they're missing, and have been asking me about it for months).

Saturday was my first attempt at hosting a kids' birthday party. It was a huge success and the girls all appeared to have a great time.

The Invitation
(the boot lifts to reveal invitation details)

As the girls arrived, they each received a pink bandana
and set to work painting some wooden horses.

Next we played some games:

Farm Find
(the girls were ranchers helping the farmer's wife find her missing husband and animals --
small stuffed farmer and farm animals hidden around the living room)

Horse Color Word Search


Horse Picture Puzzles
(photocopied from this book)

Horse Breed Bingo
(created using this website)

After games, it was time to eat our cowboy fare -- on tin plates of course!

hamburgers with all the fixin's
baked beans
potato chips
and a bottle of sarsaparilla

Making Music

Then it was time for presents!

And cake!

And a group photo!

Finally, each girl grabbed a goodie bag on their way out.

silly pink straw
Lipsmacker lip gloss
horse stickers
hard plastic foal
two balls
pink glow-in-the-dark star
bubble gum

It was a loud couple of hours, but my daughter proclaimed after it was all over that it was one of the best days of her life!

One party down ... three to go!


  1. You did a great job with this cowgirl party, Michelle! Very, very cute!!!

    Are your girls dancing Sunday or Wednesday? Mine is dancing Sunday ...

  2. I love theme parties!! You did a great job Michelle!

    Happy birthday to your sweet daughter, God bless her!


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