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Friday, May 7, 2010

Catch-Up Number Four - A Blue Knights Birthday Party

The Boy turned six on April 1st. Since his birthday fell on Holy Thursday this year, we celebrated with friends the weekend before. He wanted to invite his fellow Blue Knights, so we had a Blue Knights birthday party.

The party started with the boys painting styrofoam "dragon eggs."

I then took a picture of each boy with his egg and he made a "dragon slayer" foamie frame.

They played "Slay the Dragon,"

and they devoured "dragons" (quesadillas with mini tortilla chips breathing salsa fire) and speared "dragon eggs" (tomatoes, olives, red and green grapes, and blueberries) for lunch.

Then it was time for presents. (By the way, three five-year-old boys are much louder than twice that many eight and nine-year-old girls! And there were supposed to be four -- one of the boys was, unfortunately, sick that day.)

The Boy loved his cake.

And the other boys loved their goodie bags.

blue glow bracelets
blue star sucker
blue silly straw
blue pencil
star notebook
glow-in-the-dark plastic star
yellow frog popper
blue ball
plastic dragon
two plastic knights

They also each got a 3-D wooden castle puzzle and dragon puzzle that we didn't have time to put together at the party.

Well, now I am finally caught up on our birthdays for this year. The four kids birthdays are within five weeks of each other, so it makes for a busy spring. Not to mention, most of the birthdays end up falling during Lent, so we can never give up cake!

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