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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Catch-Up Number One - An American Girl Birthday Party

Okay ... this is what I hope to be the first in a series of "catch-up" posts from my crazy last month!

The Younger Girl turned eight on March 11 and we had her party on the 20th. At first she had wanted a cowgirl party, just like her older sister. That was until she received her birthday present. Then she wanted an American Girl party. (And I was kind of glad she changed her mind, so I didn't have to throw two identical parties!)

I decided to do a star theme (like the American Girl logo) and I included the dolls in everything, too.

The Invitations
(one for the girls and a little one for the dolls;
the star lifts to reveal the party details)

As the girls arrived, they got their picture taken with their doll
and set to work decorating a foam frame with stickers for their pictures,
while I printed the pictures out.

Next we played some games:

Cinderella Shoe Find
(The girls were blindfolded and had to search through a pile of all of their shoes to find their own and put them on. The fastest time was the winner. I was going to include the doll shoes, too, but most of the dolls arrived barefooted.)

Guess the Girl
(Each girl had the name of a famous female taped to their back -- everyone from Minnie Mouse to American Girl historical characters to Disney princesses. They had to ask each other yes and no questions in order to figure out who they were.)

Then we made bracelets for the girls and mini ones for their dolls. (They turned out really cute!)

After games, it was time for lunch!

pigs in a blanket (hot dogs and little smokies)
carrot slices (large and small)
tomato wedges (Roma and grape)
Doritos (regular size and 100 calorie pack small size)
and Cherry 7-Up

Then it was time for presents!

And cake!

And a group photo!

Finally, each girl grabbed a goodie bag on their way out.

sparkly hair binder
Lipsmacker lip gloss
glittery star stickers
pink glow-in-the-dark star
bubble gum
floral notepad
pastel striped pencil
star bubble necklace
miniature star slinky

It was a fun party to plan and I think the girls all had a great time!

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  1. Adorable, Michelle! You did a really nice job on both birthday parties! Thanks for the ideas, too =)


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