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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Successes - Volume 7

Since the last time I posted, which seems like eons ago, I've hosted a slumber party, three birthday parties, and a Seder meal. I've attended the investiture and simple profession of vows of four young women starting a new religious community in the Diocese of New Ulm. I traveled with the family to Bismarck, North Dakota for four days. And I have pictures and stories to share about all of the above. And I have bills to pay. And taxes to file. And errands to run. And overdue library books to return. And Easter clothes and shoes to find. And a potluck to attend. And ... and ... and ... yes, folks, lest I get too discouraged this morning, it's time for an edition of Saturday Successes. Link up and join me!

* got out of bed and got a cup of coffee
* wrote this post

11:30 UPDATE:
* found recipes for pies and made a grocery list
* went on a spring shoe hunt in the basement and was (finally!) successful
* found Easter outfits for most and tried them on
* made a shopping list to complete Easter outfits
* poured another cup of coffee
* made a fried egg and cheese sandwich
* had my usual morning chat with my sister while eating the above-mentioned sandwich
* got The Baby fed and dressed
* took a shower
* ran to Target and picked up groceries and goodies for Easter baskets

3:30 UPDATE:
* put The Baby down for a nap
* unpacked groceries
* made strawberry jell-o beans
* arranged a meat and cheese tray
* scooped the strawberry jell-o beans out of the mold and made some orange ones
* attended a potluck at our church
* sent all four kids upstairs for a nap in the hopes of attending the Easter Vigil this evening

6:30 UPDATE:
* scooped the orange jell-o beans out of the mold and made some lemon ones (still lamenting that my Target does not carry the preferred pineapple ones)
* laid down with The Boy for a twenty-minute power nap in the hopes he would fall asleep (and he did -- big success!)
* scooped the lemon jell-o beans out of the mold and made some lime ones
* chatted with my mom while making a pie crust
* scooped the lime jell-o beans out of the mold and made some berry-blue ones
* chatted with my grandmother in New York while making a second pie crust
* scooped the berry-blue jell-o beans out of the mold and made some grape ones

11:30 UPDATE:
* picked up the house
* got myself and The Girls ready for Mass
* attended a beautiful Easter Vigil liturgy
* scooped the grape jello-beans out of the mold
* heated some leftovers for dinner
* filled and hid the Easter baskets

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  1. Happy and Blessed Easter to you and yours!
    I keep lurking but not commenting . . . sorry. I had to move blogs . . . you can find me (if you wish) at: http://prayer4thejourney.wordpress.com

    God bless!


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