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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Successes - Volume 3

Here we go again ... another Saturday. One of these days I'll figure out how to do Mr. Linky ...

*** grabbed some coffee and attempted some prayer time before the kiddos, plus a niece, woke up

*** loaded the dishwasher

*** put a load of red and pink clothes in the dryer and put a load of fleece and jammies in the washing machine

*** supervised breakfast, had a bowl of cereal, and supervised clean-up

*** took a coffee/cocoa break with my sister, who came to pick up my niece, who had spent the night with us

1:00 UPDATE:

*** finished one defender brief

*** read evidence for second defender brief while entertaining The Baby with Mr. Potato Head and supervising The Girls Saturday chores (sinks and toilets cleaned, kitchen and dining room floors washed)

*** got The Baby dressed (she took an early nap and was still in her jammies)

*** made bed

*** took red and pink clothes out of dryer and put fleece and jammies in dryer

*** sorted dirty laundry and put green and blue clothes in washer

*** unloaded and reloaded dishwasher

*** made lunch: rice and frozen egg rolls (Saturday is all about easy!)

5:00 UPDATE:

*** ate lunch

*** put clean laundry away

*** took jammies and fleece out of dryer, put green and blue clothes in dryer, put hubby's dress shirts in the washer

*** supervised lunch clean-up

*** took a shower

*** grabbed an afternoon cup of coffee

*** helped The Girls get ready for an American Girls Mystery Party at some friends' house

*** took The Girls to their party

*** heated up my now cold cup of coffee

*** completed second defender brief

10:30 UPDATE:

*** read most of the evidence for a third defender brief

*** made dinner for The Boy and The Baby and supervised the eating and cleaning up process

*** picked up the house

*** enjoyed an evening out for dinner with my DH and my parents (thanks again, Dad and Mom, for the wonderful dinner!)

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