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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Successes - Volume 1

I tend to get bogged down with my to-do list on Saturdays. With working full-time and home-schooling, everything else tends to have to wait until Saturday. My list is usually a week's worth of stuff that I'm trying to cram into one day. I don't eat properly. I run around like a chicken with my head cut off. I yell at the kids to stay out of my way. I'm a machine. This week I'm trying something new ... instead of a to-do list, I'm starting with a clean slate and seeing how many successes I can add. Check back often for an update ...

*** finished working on the marriage case I started yesterday afternoon

*** had a cup of coffee and a brownie

*** made a menu for the week

*** made a grocery list and a Sam's Club list

*** sent a couple e-mails

*** got The Baby dressed and ready for the day

*** helped The Girls finish a reading project

*** did a little birthday shopping on amazon

*** helped The Boy with his virtues project for Blue Knights

*** took a shower

*** made some Pizza Rolls to eat while I created this post

And it's only 10:30! Stay tuned ...

Won't you join me in celebrating your Saturday successes?

12:30 UPDATE:

*** picked up kitchen

*** packed away winter dishes (a little prematurely, but I started cleaning up in the basement after our rain shower and this bin was next in line)

*** typed up and printed Lord's Day prayers for this evening

*** supervised lunch for the kiddos


*** brought The Boy to Blue Knights

*** went to Sam's Club

*** picked The Boy up

*** unloaded Sam's Club purchases

*** made a loaf of garlic herb bread for dinner (actually, I just put the ingredients in the bread machine and I'm letting it do the real work)

10:00 UPDATE

*** went to the grocery store

*** unpacked groceries

*** made bolognese sauce for dinner

*** put away all the groceries and Sam's Club purchases

*** made salad for dinner (with The Older Girl's help)

*** picked up the main rooms of the house

*** set the table

*** hosted a wonderful evening with Fr. Humberto and Br. Adam and Br. Alvaro

*** loaded the dishwasher

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