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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Field Trip to the Zoo

It is FREEZING (actually colder than freezing) here in Minnesota. And my kiddos are driving me crazy with their pent up energy. It was time for a field trip -- somewhere with lots of room to move. So, after Mass and Science Friday with Papa, we picked up Subway and went to the Minnesota Zoo yesterday.

This was The Baby's first trip to the zoo (that she was awake and alert for) and, after the initial shock, she seemed to really like the aquaria (thanks for the Latin grammar review, Father B!), both the one in the tropics area ...

... and, especially, the dolphin tank.

My older kids love the Ocean Trail and spent quite a bit of time trying to touch the sharks and rays.

By far the coolest thing we saw was a new animal to the Minnesota Zoo -- the leafy sea-dragon.

Thanks, Papa, for joining us for a fun afternoon at the zoo. (Seriously, this is the best picture I could get of these five at the end of the day! Mission accomplished.)

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  1. I like this wee adventure you shared.
    I cannot imagine the cold, really. I am currently in a hoodie 'cos the A/C is a bit chilly when the morning temps are in the 60's here . . . plus, I was drinking ice water. Brrrr, but not quite like your brrrrrrr's. Stay warm and my husband is from Iowa so he always says winter months are for baby making. He he he. Good cuddle weather.


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