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Monday, December 7, 2009

My Daybook - December 7, 2009

For Today... Monday, December 7, 2009

Outside my window... it's cloudy and in the low-twenties. There is a winter storm watch in effect starting tomorrow afternoon -- yeah! I hope all the brown grass and dead stuff gets covered with a nice thick white layer.

I am thinking... about what is better: stability or opportunity? Having kids, if you had to choose between a stable job in a smaller-than-you-were-used-to city without family or a take-it-a-year-at-a-time job in a major metropolitan area with family nearby, which would you choose? And why?

I am thankful for... coffee. Enough said.

From the school room... We're mostly concentrating on language arts and math during Advent. During the times we're usually doing other subjects, we're decorating and making Christmas presents and addressing cards and wrapping and baking and going on field trips and all those other fun December projects instead. I'm trying to let go of the need I feel to do everything and really try and enjoy some of the things we can as a homeschooling family.

From the kitchen... We went to Sam's Club yesterday and the freezer and pantry are full, so let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

I am wearing... old jeans, a Walt Disney World T-shirt, and tennis shoes. And I didn't do my hair after I got out of the shower. There is a lot of cleaning and hauling decorations out of the basement that needs to get done today.

I am creating ... a decorated house. It's more difficult for me to decorate for the first time in a new house -- things don't have a place where they "usually" go. Last December is when we moved here, and I was pregnant, so we put up a tree, but that was about it.

I am going... to take all three older kids to dance lessons tonight. The girls will stay for their tin whistle lesson -- they have their first recital this coming Sunday. In between running them back and forth, I hope to get to the grocery story and/or Target, and maybe Walmart and the library.

I am reading... (and enjoying) Destination Bethlehem with the kids each evening.

I am hoping... that The Baby starts sleeping through the night again soon. I don't know what her deal is. Part of the problem is that she has to share a room with my husband and me. When I would normally let her fuss a little, like I did with the other three, it's just easier to get her and feed her so she's quiet. I can sleep easier nursing than I can listening to her fuss. But it's still sleep interrupted. My husband and I joke about suffering from IISD (Infant Induced Sleep Deprivation).

I am hearing... the kids out in the yard, picking up EVERYTHING, before it gets buried in the snow tomorrow. About a month ago, a friend who was moving dropped off a pile of miscellaneous pieces of wood for us to burn. He stacked it next to the garage and the kids have been using that wood to "build" things around the yard ever since. They are none too pleased to have to dissemble their creations and haul all that wood into the garage and stack it neatly. But they should sleep well tonight.

Around the house... decorating is a work in progress -- it always seems to get so messy during this stage -- half-unpacked boxes of decorations, half-packed boxes of things to put away until after the holidays. The tree is up, but not decorated yet. The kids' rooms are in shambles. What are your thoughts about harping on room tidiness? Strive to keep the common areas clean and ignore their rooms and let them deal with the consequences (inability to find things they need when they need them, for example)? Hopefully they will figure out for themselves the benefits of keeping their things picked up. Not let them do something else until their room is clean (e.g."Your room must be picked up before I will take you to dance tonight.")? Make it part of the daily routine -- it has to be picked up before dinner each night? I've tried all these things, but can't figure out which works best. Suggestions?

One of my favorite things... lots of snow in the month of December.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Finish decorating. Finish Christmas shopping. Attend special events related to Bishop-elect Sirba's ordination a week from today. Please pray for him, by the way.

Here is a picture-thought I am sharing:

All four kiddos sharing storytime last night. Ahhh...

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  1. Finally a big snow - yeah!

    Personally, I think a stable job in a smaller city with family would be ideal, but since that's not the case I would vote for staying in the city around family. There is so much opportunity in the city - I would stay in if you can find a decent place to live at a price you can afford. Don't move too far out like we did - almost everything fun is an hour away! Also, never underestimate the value of family, especially if they are helpful. What if you ever had to be on bedrest?


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