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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Daybook, a Day Late - September 29, 2009

For Today... Tuesday, September 29, 2009, The Feast of Saint Michael, my patron

Outside my window... it is forty-five and party cloudy. It finally feels like autumn. My sister-in-law got married this past weekend (which explains my long absence from blogging) and her reception was held outside. Friday was pouring down rain and quite chilly as we were helping her set up. Sunday was chilly and pretty windy as we were packing up to head home. But Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous fall day -- sunny and warm. The reception was held in the couple's backyard, and her gardens and decorations in the tent were exquisite. I told her if I had known her better ten years ago when I married her brother, I would have put her in charge of my flowers and decorations! (Here's a family pic from the day!)

I am thinking... about girls' dresses. I have the hardest time finding dresses for The Girls that both they and I like. They're either something I wouldn't want my eighteen-year-old wearing, so why would I put my eight-year-old in it, or something out of a fairy tale ball -- way too dressy for most of our occasions. When we were looking for something to wear to the wedding, I tried Target, Kohls, Herbergers, and Macy's before settling on the ones pictured above from JCPenney. But I'd like to find some other dresses for Mass this winter. Any suggestions? (BTW, I can't spend a fortune either.)

I am thankful for... the completion of a long-worked-on chapter of the dissertation. It ended up being four months of labor and about a hundred and forty pages. I think my DH is going to mail it to his director today. One chapter to go (plus the introduction and conclusion)!

From the school room... the book basket has been restocked with books on the ancient world, maps, angels, astronomy, and Giotto. I love our book basket -- it gives the kids an opportunity to feel like they're reading what they want to read, but they're really reading what I want them to read since all the books in the basket are related to what we are currently studying. They spend twenty minutes a day reading from their choice in the basket. During our afternoon rest time and before bed, they can read what they like.

From the kitchen... it's another week of feasts! Tonight we are trying the apple chicken I read about on Jessica's blog, along with devil's food cupcakes in honor of St. Michael's great victory. This week we will also be celebrating the feast of St. Therese, the Older Girl's patron, so she gets to choose dinner -- spaghetti and meatballs (ALWAYS) -- and eclairs, Therese's childhood favorite, for dessert. On Friday, the feast of the guardian angels, we will be feasting on angel hair pasta and angel food cake.

I am wearing... jeans, a red long-sleeve tee, my favorite cozy hooded sweater from my sister, and fleece-lined crocs.

I am creating ... Jesse tree ornaments. I started these two years ago, and only finished about a third of them. Then last year, with the pregnancy and moving, I didn't get around to any more. I am determined to finish them by the First Sunday of Advent. We usually try and get our Christmas tree cut down and in the house by then. We decorate it with purple lights and pink and purple ribbon for Advent, and then add one of the ornaments each night after reading the corresponding Bible story. I'll post more on this later, along with pictures.

I am going... to take The Girls to their first Little Flowers club meeting this afternoon. While they're there I am going to take The Baby to get her six-month shots.

I am reading... work-related stuff, mostly marriage cases.

I am hoping... The Baby's first teeth break through soon. She is pretty miserable, not sleeping well, has a drippy nose. I can see the two on the bottom through her swollen gums ... it's just a matter of time. And I could use a good night sleep again!

I am hearing... the three older kids sitting at the dining room table working on St. Michael coloring sheets and The Baby in her swing.

Around the house... We're recovering from a weekend away. You know how it goes -- in and out, throw stuff around, pack and unpack ...

One of my favorite things... this hat.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Today The Girls have their first Little Flowers club meeting and I have to bring The Baby to the doctor's office for shots. Tomorrow and Thursday evening are dance nights. Friday, an aunt and cousin will be visiting from New York for the afternoon. Friday night I have plans to go out for a glass of wine with a friend. Saturday, The Girls are dancing at a local parish's fall festival and we are going to some friends' house for dinner. Plus, I am hosting Little Flowers next week, so I should start planning that. And the fall decorations need to be brought out from the basement and the summer clothes put away (finally) and the winter ones brought out. (One problem with this rental place is the lack of closet space!)

Here is a picture-thought I am sharing...

Handsome Man at the Wedding Reception

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  1. Thanks for the reminder of Jesse Tree ornaments. I did those last year, but printed them off. Wanted to do something nicer this year. Time to look toward Christmas. Thanks! Enjoyed your blog.


  2. The pictures are gorgeous!
    The dresses you got at Penney's are lovely.
    Check the discount racks at Gymboree (if you have one near you) - I found stuff there at 70% off. You have to find out when they rotate stock, keep a sharp eye out. Do you know someone in the parish who sews and wouldn't mind making some dresses for you? There are dresses on line, too, from some pretty neat Christian girls. Try Etsy.com.

    If I could sew clothing, I would do it for you!

  3. Cute pics! I emailed you about Little Flowers ... As for dresses, it's hard! I've gotten cute, girly dresses at The Children's Place (on sale the prices are reasonable, especially if you can pass the dresses on to the younger girls. I've tried to think about that fact when buying dresses—if more than one girl gets use out of them, perhaps it is OK to spend a bit more) ... Also, the Gymboree outlet has good prices. It's a long drive, so you'd have to make an event out of it! (Maybe we could go together! =) Lastly, check out the Lands' End overstocks (online) every now and then. Sometimes you have to buy off season, but their dresses are cute (casual) and longer ...

  4. You have some lovely things going on as autumn begins!

    We have girl, girl, boy, girl just like you! Lands' End and LL Bean knit dresses are staples around here. If you buy right from the catalog you can get matching tights. Otherwise, I shop the sales and even Ebay for dresses.

    We like Hanna dresses too but rarely buy from the catalog. One time I hit the jackpot at the Albertville outlet.

    I do buy a little higher quality for the girls since I know they have to last. And the good brands do seem to last - we have a little pink striped Hanna outfit that is the 2yo's new favorite. It still looks great.

    Some long sleeved knit dress get holes in the elbows so I have them made into short-sleeved for summer.

    I go cheaper with my son's shirts and shorts but the jeans - oh my! The holes in the knees drive me crazy. I'd love to know THE brand that holds up best in the knees!

  5. Thanks all for the dress advice!

    Tracy, my mom used to swear by Toughskins (a Sears brand) for my brothers, but I don't think they're still around. I've heard of people sewing patches on the inside of their sons' jeans at the knees when the jeans are new to make them last longer. But who has time for that!?! I know I don't!


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