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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Twelfth Day of Christmas

It's the twelfth day of Christmas, and at our house it still looks, sounds, tastes, and feels like it. The tree is still up. The Christmas music is still playing. Carols are being sung. Cookies are being eaten. And there was still one package under the tree this morning.

Here's a summary of our Christmas festivities since last I posted about them:

On the fifth day of Christmas, we had plans to go into town for coffee and conversation for the mommies and playtime for the kids. Since we were going to be running errands anyway, I had the kids open their fifth gift before we left for town -- gift cards to Hobby Lobby. They each had various arts and crafts supplies on their Christmas wish lists and, rather than picking things out myself, I thought they'd have fun doing it. And they did. We came home with paint and sequins, felt and sewing kits, beads and buttons. And they spent the remainder of the afternoon, and much of the remainder of the week, crafting away.

(a little pouch The Boy made)

Each year, each child receives a new ornament for the tree. This was a tradition I grew up with. When I married and left home, I had at least seventy ornaments for our first Christmas tree -- I had received at least an ornament from my parents and grandparents every year since I was born. Each year, my mom carefully labeled the ornaments I had received and packed them away in their original boxes. I know where each and every ornament I own came from and the year I received it. It is such a joy every year to pull them out and remember. I have done the same for my children. The problem now is we have way too many ornaments for one tree. The children's ornaments fill the tree, and mine remain in storage -- I suppose until the children move on and out and take their ornaments with them.

I put much thought into the ornaments every year, trying to choose one that fits each child's personality, or that will remind him or her of a new love or a big accomplishment or a trip we took. This year I wanted something to remind them each of our big move to North Dakota, but I had trouble finding North Dakota ornaments I liked. So ... I found this great website and had an ornament made for each child with a photo of a 2010 North Dakota moment. The three older children's ornaments had pictures from a hike we took in Theodore Roosevelt National Park over Labor Day weekend. The Baby's ornament had a picture I took of her in our backyard. And my DH got me an ornament from the University of Mary bookstore!

The seventh day of Christmas was New Year's Eve. We spent a very nice New Year's Eve and Day at home. We celebrated New Year's Eve by having pomegranate martinis (senza the vodka for the kiddos) and appetizers all evening, while playing a fun new board game (the gift for the day) and watching a great movie (it's a little scary for younger ones, but has a great Gospel message).

New Year's Day the kids opened one of their favorite gifts -- Season 6 of the Little House on the Prairie series and ...

(The Boy's costume is still in the works.)
(If you're looking for a great one-of-a-kind period costume, I'd highly recommend Susan.)

Sunday, the kids opened a box of new books -- a new Bible for each of the girls (they have been frustrated with their inability to look up chapter and verse in the any of the various children's Bibles we own) and a book on their respective patron saint for The Boy and The Baby. Also included were a great series of saints books, a book on praying in the presence of Our Lord, and a Magnificat subscription.

We did go back to school on Monday, only because I know, come spring, I'll want to be done with our work as soon as possible and outside in the warm air. Plus, we'll likely be moving (yet again!) in the spring. (Hopefully, this time, we'll be able to stay put for a while.)

Every year the kids also get a magazine subscription. Miss Rose chose Young Rider and Blaze again this year (surprise, surprise). Miss Sunshine chose Faces (which did surprise me). And I chose Ask for The Boy (after several years of Highlights) and Babybug for The Baby.

Yesterday, my young food lovers opened new aprons (thank you, Janet -- they're perfect) and three new cookbooks.

They spent part of the afternoon planning the first meal they want to prepare together on Sunday, for when Daddy returns from his week-long trip to Milwaukee.

The Baby got a food-related gift, too. (This is an awesome toy, by the way!)

Finally, today, they opened another new board game, which we had fun playing together after recess.

During supper, we received a call from a friend to come over so the kids could snowmobile and watch a movie, and I could have some much needed adult time and a glass of wine (which is why this post is so late being posted!). I'm so glad we homeschool and can take advantage of nights like this. Thanks, Trina, for a lovely evening, and a much-needed break. Four days 'til my hubby returns!

From our house to yours, a very Merry Christmas!

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