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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Any advice
on mothering a second daughter,
who is constantly comparing herself
to her firstborn older sister
(older by only a year and two weeks)
and coming up short?


  1. Would love to meet you sometime!
    My first two kids are boys. Totally different. One builds. The other one reads.
    I always tell my kids they are unique like snowflake. Made so special by God that no two are alike. We all got different gifts by God...and it would make Him sad to not make our own gifts special. We do not see our special gifts if we are looking at someone elses.

  2. Hey, Michelle:
    I've been meaning to comment on your post...busy as usual! I have similar troubles with my girls. I'm sure you do this, but we try very hard to accentuate their strong suits. One has a flare for languages, the other is an artist so we try to praise them on those things. It's difficult when they are the same personality and both want to be good/great at everything they accomplish. I KNOW it's easier when everyone has/does the same activities, but maybe try finding one that only 2nd sister gets to try her hand at. This might help to build her confidence and give her some time in the spotlight. Hope that helps.:) Count on my prayers for your beautiful girls!

  3. Oh, gosh, I'd been meaning to get back here for this post, but never did!!

    We have this going both ways sometimes. It's our sinful nature to have these feelings, to overlook our own gifts and think others gifts are better.

    (I guess worldly known better as the "Marsha Syndrom" "Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!" --please tell me you are not too young to know what that's from!)

    Anyway, I just accentuate the differences and gifts each has. They are all made special and if she were to walk in her sister's shoes one day, she would not make it. Even one day. Because God made her the special way she is.

    Oh, the dynamics of a larger than 2 kid family, they are always full of emotions and things going on, aren't they? We've got one that plays dumb all. the. time. Drives me crazy, it's a pet peeve!! (she gets lots of extra jobs when that happens) One that tries to get the other in trouble, because she wants to. and a boy stuck with 4 sisters who don't play the way he wants them to. (Star Wars or Legos all day)
    And my 4 year old is going through terrible 2's still. She lays on the floor and cries, "I can't pick up toys, I don't know how" "I can't put my jammies on, I don't know how" As cute as she is, she is equally getting into trouble, cutting her hair, rubbing lip gloss all over her bed (darned Grandma for getting a 4 year old that for Christmas!)4 girls who take an hour and a half to settle down for bed, (after story and prayers)

    I've said prayers for your girls, I will say a couple more. (although this issue is already solved I'm sure, so sorry it took me so long to get back here!!)

    DO come to Christine's...I'd take off school to come meet you!!!


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