"God made us for joy. God is joy, and the joy of living reflects the original joy that God felt in creating us." (St. John Paul the Great)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Looking Up

Some of you have expressed concern, both here and on Facebook, over the malady that has of late afflicted me. In addition to cabin fever, I am definitely suffering from missing-my-husband-I-pray-I-never-have-to-be-a-single-parent syndrome. A date for my DH's dissertation defense has been set (April 8), which is great (awesome, wonderful, magnificent, amazing, excellent ... you get the picture). But that means I don't see him very much. at all. sometimes for days at a time. But the end is in sight. finally. (Keep up the prayers for both of us!)

And things are looking up this week. Here's why:

-- 1 --

Last Thursday, in an effort to end the day with four live children, and not end up in prison or institutionalized, I threw the school books out the window (not literally) and took the kids to the library for the morning, and then to a local hotel with an 150' water slide for the rest of the day. The results were just what I was hoping they would be: four live children four very physically tired, happy children.

-- 2 --

Friday evening, the kids watched movies with friends, while I attended a young adults night through our parish -- an inspiring talk and then plenty of time for drinking and talking. with adults.


-- 3--

This week the temperatures have been up (twenties and thirties!) and, thus, the children, including The Baby, have been outside, wearing themselves out, and giving me an afternoon break.

-- 4 --

When the sun does peep through a window, I lie on the floor and pretend I'm at the beach. (At which, Miss Rose proclaims, "Mom, you are WEIRD." Thank you very much.)

(Sorry, I can't take a picture of myself lying on the floor in the sun, but I like this picture.)


-- 5 --

My DH brought me a treat last night for with my afternoon coffee. I'm enjoying it right now. (Grace, I don't know how you do it!)

-- 6 --

My Baby is the light of my life and brings happiness everywhere she goes ... well, mostly ... except when she's dumping out bags of dry spaghetti all over the kitchen floor or hiding sippy cups of milk.

-- 7 --

We met some new homeschooling families and had a sledding party yesterday. Thanks, Jasmine!

-- 8 --

I taught myself purl from a video. Knitting is relaxing. (Thanks for the link to the dishcloth pattern, Sarah!) And I'm reading a great novel by a (new to me) Catholic author. (Check out some other knitting and reading at Ginny's.)

-- 9 --

I have great friends, both here and in real life, who, despite our physical distance, continue to inspire and support me. And I love Facebook.

-- 10 --

And, finally, I told a friend last night: God is asking us to do what we're supposed to do, when we're supposed to do it, with as much love as we can muster, and trust that He is faithful. Hey, that's good advice -- maybe I should listen to myself!


  1. Waterparks are a great way to get through these long MN winters!

    I like the baby in the sled. cute

  2. 1) January and February are the longest months.
    2) Motherhood is a school for saints.
    3) Sainthood is nothing more than saying "Yes" to God at every moment.
    4) Knitting is Valium for non-drug users.

    Loved the post, and am glad things are looking up!

  3. I loved this post too! I feel ya on the flying solo bit. Dan's off for Atlanta again tomorrow. And now that G doesn't have a runny nose (much) I can fall into the arms of the YMCA to get some relief. I don't even think I'll bring my workout clothes. A book and coffee in the lobby sounds pretty darn delish...

    I love hearing about your world there! We loved the temps in the 20s here today. Oooh, balmy!

    Way to go on the knitting! And way to go DH : )

  4. Hey, you linked to my blog! You just made my month.:) So glad things are looking up. And I don't think it's weird to lie in a patch of sun that streams through a window. My dad and I took naps in the sun in winter when I was a kid.:) Thanks for the memory! FB rocks...glad you're on.

  5. Why haven't I thought of going to a hotel with a pool? Great idea. You have a way with introspection that I admire, Michelle. I know you will get through this because you take time to give thanks for the "muddles" you're in. How blessed you are to have a husband working so hard and children growing with love and compassion in their hearts. You're a superstar!

  6. Nice that they have handles over your lily pads, the pool my daughter worked at this summer doesn't. I always thought that'd make the best core workout of my life if I ever got brave enough to stand up on it!

  7. Christine -- I couldn't agree more.

    Nadja and Jenletts -- thanks for stopping by!

    Grace -- you're welcome.

    Karen -- enjoy your book and coffee! I'm on my own again until Sunday, too.

    and Alicia -- thanks!

  8. Goodness, is it another MN yarn-alonger? That would make me feel even more at home:)

    Your words are so encouraging. I love the tunnels your kids made! Our kids love winter, and cry whenever the snow melts!


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