"God made us for joy. God is joy, and the joy of living reflects the original joy that God felt in creating us." (St. John Paul the Great)

Thursday, September 16, 2010



Last night my DH came home to one very. frazzled. Mamma.

He inquired as to my day.

I said, quite emphatically, "The attitudes around here SUCK!"

He burst out laughing.

Why would that be?


  1. Paul wouldn't dare burst out laughing, and I do make that comment with all respect to Matt. I'm sure he knows you just like Paul knows me.:) The attitudes around here have sucked a bit, but I was even more annoyed when I realized I'd started my period. Crap...it wasn't their attitudes it was mine! Sheesh, my bad!! (BTW...I hate that phrase...and yet sometimes it just fits.) Hope today is better for you. Meanwhile, I'm living in the land of Ibuprofen.:)

  2. Hope all goes better next week!!!


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