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Sunday, September 12, 2010


So much to report, so little time .... This post started as a Quick Takes, but then Friday got away from me, and Saturday, and ... so here's five things to start your new week.

-- 1 --
First Week of School

We completed our first week of school Friday (yippee!). Other than everyone being tired (very. tired.), everything went superbly. Our schedule this year allows ample time for almost everything (or so it appears after the first week). This is due to the fact that I planned the schedule consciously trying to avoid feeling rushed all the time and having to say the words "hurry up!" I had to allow an extraordinary amount of extra time for The Boy to get his behind out of bed and his morning chores (few that they are) done, and the same in the evening for his shower and evening chores. Man, if I had a nickel for every time I asked him to do the same things ... over and over and over. I don't know how a kid can get so distracted by anything and everything. If you have a child like this I would appreciate any helpful insights you are willing to share. I don't know if he's being defiant or he's over tired or he's just a six year old boy. Some days I feel as though if I don't follow him around all day he wouldn't get anything done at all (which I could do, except for the fact that I have three other children to supervise as well!).

Here's a little peak at our Monday-Thursday schedule this year (Fridays are different as they involve Mass together in the morning followed by a field trip).

[click to enlarge]

-- 2 --

Seriously, the longer I live in this house, the more I desire a home in the country. So ... I think we're changing our focus in our housing search. We'll see what happens. This week alone, I enjoyed sharing my morning prayer time with a great horned owl.


I loved watching the white-tailed deer from the back deck and running across the driveway when I arrived home one evening.


What I didn't like so much was the fact that the bread for one of our science experiments disappeared off my kitchen counter (!) two nights in a row.


Yes, he's cute, but not. in. my. kitchen!

-- 3 --
The Baby's Language Boom

I love it when my babies get to the parroting stage, when they try to repeat everything you say to them. The Baby is so polite. She's always saying thank you now. She also tells me when she has "poo-poos" -- by saying the words while grabbing her diaper. But, to melt a Momma's heart -- she started saying "La oooo" this week (baby-speak for "Love you").

(Oh, and she also really likes her new crayons.)

-- 4 --
The Feast of The Nativity of Mary

On this special feast day, the kids made artist trading cards honoring our Blessed Mother.

We also had a great little birthday party on Wednesday evening. Our guests included Father James Shea, the president of the University of Mary, Miss Kathleen Crane, the director of the University's new Rome campus, Dr. Joseph Stuart, a new hire at the University, teaching in history and Catholic Studies, and Miss Barbara Frank, the Outreach Director for the new Bismarck First Choice Clinic -- exciting things are happening around here! We shared a wonderful meal and, of course, a decade of the rosary and lemon blueberry birthday cake, inspired by Jessica at Catholic Cuisine.

-- 5 --
First Official Field Trips

I know I reported that our trip last weekend was our first field trip of the year, but Friday was our first official Friday morning field trip -- we're going to try to do this every Friday as the weather permits -- I've found it really helps to get out of the house once in a while!

We visited the North Dakota Heritage Center.

We specifically went to visit their collection of pioneer photographs and artifacts, related to our studies in The Prairie Primer. But the kids also enjoyed the Dakota Kids area, where they rode horses and built their own cars.

In the afternoon, we attended a faculty percussion recital at the University. In the picture below, the kids are watching Mr. Lucas Bernier play a piece entitled The Anvil Chorus, in which he played, among other things, some random pipes he bought at a hardware store and his mother's frying pan! I preferred Strange Meeting, played on the marimba.

Hmmm ... more to share ... but my DH just got home, the kitchen sink is calling, and you're probably tired of reading this anyway.

Have a good week!


  1. Your life sounds all too familiar - the schedule, the wildlife, getting a little boy to obey. I made mine a chart - if he does not obey the first time I ask him to do something he gets an X. No X's = a Sugar free jello pudding cup after dinner (that I originally bought for myself) and a sticker. The charts are also improving 3 yo temper tantrums, 8 yo volume level and 10 yo helping cheerfully. Good luck!

  2. LOVE the Heritage Center. We went when we were in Bismarck for a wedding this summer. I remember going when I was a kid. The children really enjoyed it and look forward to going again.
    Your schedule looks great! My only words of wisdom are don't be too married to it. Remember to be flexible when you have to be and ENJOY this wonderful home schooling adventure!
    God Bless!
    Heather :-)


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