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Sunday, September 5, 2010

First Field Trip of the Year

We decided Wednesday evening to start our school year a little earlier than we had planned.

So ... Thursday morning I got up and packed the van for our three-day beginning-of-the-school-year (first annual?) field trip.

We had lessons in history.

the wild west (watching a dramatized shoot-out)

We had lessons in North Dakota geography.

We had lessons in botany and zoology.

wild horses (!)

We had lessons in astronomy both nights.


We had lessons in music and dance at the Medora Musical.

We had lessons in adaptability.

Our trail crossed the Little Missouri River,

so we crossed the Little Missouri River.

Our trail crossed this muddy stream,

so we crossed (!) this muddy stream.

Unfortunately, we were unable to cross the second stream and had to turn back.

We got dirty.

sinking in the mud trying to cross the aforementioned stream

playing in the dirt

We got tired.

We had fun.

dinner at camp


picking things up and carrying them around

playing catch

hanging out together


goofing around


  1. Welcome to North Dakota, "where the praire meets the sky"! Looks like fun! Our family also makes an annual trip to Medora...there is always so much to learn, see, and do! It was nice to see you after Mass on Sunday, hopefully we will be seeing more of each other!

  2. Hello fellow camper...um...did I see a tent???? Man you are one amazing mama!

    Thanks for the pics etc....We are always looking for new places to camp.


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