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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Last Hurrah

As I was trying to compile picture calendars this year for the grandparents, I realized I sorely neglected picture-taking in 2013. This year, I am going to try and take at least one picture each day -- even if it's just of a pile of laundry or a sink full of dishes.

I took my picture yesterday; I just ran out of time to post it. My sister and kids did, indeed, get stuck here in North Dakota due to the frigid temperatures -- it just doesn't seem wise to drive across a barren state with three kids and no husband when the wind chills are fifty and sixty degrees below zero, right? I can't say either of us were too disappointed that she had to stay; and the kids were definitely uber-excited to have more cousin time. (Our husbands might have had a different opinion of the matter, however -- one is lonely and the other is an introvert in a house full of stir crazy kiddos.) Everyone is getting a little on edge at this point though -- my house doesn't really have a good space for noise and physical activity. The boys, for sure, need to get out side and burn off some energy.

Last night even my DH was celebrating -- he got a couple of text messages that informed him that not only were corporate faculty meetings canceled for today, but that classes are starting a day later than scheduled this week to allow students to make it safely back to campus. This does not mean that he gets some extra time off, of course -- only a few extra days to work without the interruptions of being on campus. More time to prepare makes for a happy husband. (And, thus, a happy wife.) Truthfully, to have seen him last night you would have thought he was a third grade boy being told school was canceled because of snow. He was that giddy.

Today's photo:

Things to note:
(1) Fireplace: On. Almost all day. Along with candles and slippers and Christmas tree lights.
(2) New Games: Cranium and Rummikub. Also strewn about the house: new LEGO sets, new movies, and new crafting supplies.
(3) Blanket: My Sister is a self-proclaimed "freeze baby."
(4) Egg Timer: Used for time-outs when a certain son of mine needed a break from everyone else. (Or, more accurately, when I needed a break from him.) He needs a treadmill in his room. If it doesn't get warmer soon, he may not survive. But things are looking up in this regard.

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  1. Honest to goodness, when I got those texts I did a happy dance. For real.


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