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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

(Kind of) Wordless Wednesday - Take 1, Take 2, ... Take 19

Did I mention one of my favorite things is kids and leaf piles?

(Comments submitted by my friend, Karina --
from The Baby's point of view. Enjoy!)

take one
"So, Joe, check this out ... I figured out how to snap my fingers."

take two
"What do you think? It seems a little sunnier over there; it's a little cool here in the shade. Would over there have been better?"

take three
"Okay, here in the shady leaf pile is fine, I guess. I'll give you a sort of smile here,
but let's get this done so we can get back in the sunshine."

take four
"You know, the leaves are very cool. I mean, hey! look at these ones right here."

take five
"For goodness sake, Joe, I didn't mean to totally distract you with the leaf observation.
Come on, Joe, Mom wants us to look and smile."

take six
"All right -- I will distance myself from the distracted boy and smile....
Right here, all of us girls... Smiling!!!"

take seven
"Okay. Again, with Joe this time... SMILING!!!"

take eight
"So, that's good then. We're done, right? Is that a squirrel over there? What is that?"

take nine
"Fine, we can do one more. I'm smiling! We are all looking!!! This one is good... right?"

take ten
"Katie, what do you mean you are ready for another one?"

take eleven
"Okay, here we are, in the leaves, having fun, all looking at the camera!!!
Trying not to look forced... but okay, here it is... LAST SMILE!!!"

take twelve
"You are kidding me, right? You want us to do it again? This needs to be done people."

take thirteen
"I will just find my own happy place. Leaves are good... I am fine...
We are bound to be done soon, right?"

take fourteen
"In my distraction, I think I missed something.
Wait, hey, I don't think I get the joke -- what is sooo funny?"

take fifteen
"Fine, don't tell me. I'll figure it out...the littlest is always the last to get the joke!!! Uuggh!"

take sixteen
"Emily, come on, tell me -- what is the joke?"

take seventeen
"Katie, will you tell me?"

take eighteen
"Fine, I'll smile anyway, even though I don't get it!"

take nineteen
"Oh, look, Joe says its over!
Thank goodness because I'm ready to go right over and play over there in the sunshine now."

Which one is your favorite?


  1. OH, my gosh!! I love the baby in all of them, she's like in (take 11) with teeth in a smile, "take the picture mama" (and 18)
    Are you like me, saying things like, "Come on kiddos, give me your best smile ever!"?

  2. Hi Michelle, first time reader--
    This post is PRICELESS with all the comments! They're all great. I could'nt pick a favorite... well, maybe #14...


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