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Friday, July 30, 2010

Fort Abraham Lincoln

Here are some pictures from our Wednesday adventures at Fort Abraham Lincoln.

We toured the reconstructed home of General George Custer and his wife Libby, which included some of their personal effects. The tour was conducted in the first person by one of the General's "privates," which the kids found very entertaining.

After the tour, we spent some time exploring the bunkhouse (above) and the mess hall. We also visited the commissary, had a picnic lunch, and played freeze tag.

Next we toured the Mandan On-A-Slant Village where we heard the story of White Wolf, a Mandan chief who was born there and later traveled to Washington with Lewis and Clark. We also explored some reconstructed earth lodges (above).

Finally, the kids spent some time climbing the blockhouses at the Fort McKeen infantry post.

I enjoyed the views of Fort Lincoln and the Heart and Missouri Rivers.

The Baby enjoyed the wildflowers.

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  1. America has such an interesting history and it looks like you all enjoyed yourselves on your day out :0


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