"God made us for joy. God is joy, and the joy of living reflects the original joy that God felt in creating us." (St. John Paul the Great)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lent - Week V

Wow! Doing this once-a-week review has really made me realize (1) how quickly a week goes by, and (2) how much we do around here in a week -- and I only list the out-of-the-ordinary stuff!

Since last week ...

... our Lenten calendar has gotten browner.

… we celebrated the Solemn Feast of St. Joseph (and a name day at our house).

… I took my husband out for dinner to celebrate the Joseph he is to our family. (And we finally tried the fried cheesy pickles at our favorite local place -- yummy!)

… I surprised my husband by picking up his dry cleaning, only to be surprised myself -- he had brought in my summer dresses to be cleaned! (I smiled at the lady at the dry cleaners -- "That's what married people do, right?")

… we celebrated the Feast of St. Benedict with some Baileys before bed -- the University where my husband teaches is Benedictine after all.

… The Boy, The Baby, and I attended the local Stand Up for Religious Freedom rally at the capitol with over 700 other attendees.

… the girls attended their second Greek mythology class at the University. This time they learned about Antigone. (By the way, they know way more about Greek mythology than I ever have.) (And they're ready to be University students!) (Hold up! Slow down!)

… the girls also attended a series of art classes at the University offered by Artists Celebrating Christ.

… The Boy visited the fire station at the airport.

… The Baby had bad dreams about Rumpelstiltskin’s long fingernails (from a play we saw a few weeks ago) and ended up in our bed. (The Baby really needs a new blog name. Sad.)

… I found myself with two hours alone. I couldn't remember the last time that had happened. It was so quiet.

… my DH and I went out to dinner with some of his colleagues and Denis McNamara and David Hooker -- in town for the Artists Celebrating Christ art show.

… I attended a lecture by Dr. McNamara based on his book How to Read Churches. (It was very good, I thought -- this is the part of being married to an academic that I love.)

… we made it to Stations of the Cross at our parish.

… I stayed up too late at our monthly Young Adults gathering.

… I ordered and received The Boy's first communion suit and his gift. (Prayer request here, please -- April 14 is the big day.)

… after three weeks, I officially fell in love with on-line grocery shopping -- totally worth the $6 delivery charge. Totally.

… I finished and filed our income taxes. (Yeah, federal refund!)

… Miss Sunshine made chocolate peanut butter chip cookies. (And I can eat them today!)

... we all ran errands as a family -- Easter outfits, including shoes (!) are all in-house (except for Mom's shoes, that is -- I don't have the patience to shop for myself with the whole family in tow). We then celebrated with dinner at the Chinese buffet and snuggled up to watch Hugo together. (By the way, this was a fantastic movie -- except for the one brief, stupid, irrelevant-to-the-plot dialogue that the kids didn't seem to hear anyway -- and I highly recommend it.)


... we attended another Knights of Columbus sponsored pancake breakfast.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. It's cloudy and chilly here ... jammies, books, and games all around for the rest of the day.

Blessed final weeks of Lent.


  1. Our kiddos liked Hugo too...I dozed off feeding the baby--must have missed that part....

    Christine quit blogging, she is lonely for comments....I'm trying to talk her into keeping it up!!

  2. When I reflect on your lent and spring of 2011, I can only praise God for all of the good things that he has done and continues to do in your family's life.
    I also was thinking that these feast day celebrations that you have mentioned do bring some fun to break up lent up bit, don't you think?
    I was trying to come up with some clever suggestions for baby's new alias... unfortunately I am writing my reply so quickly that i can't really think of any wonderful nominations [maybe with further rumination, I will have a reason to stop back on the blog later:)]
    I would invite myself to your Seder meal if you were living in Milwaukee.
    Oh, BTW... speaking of Milwaukee when you visit out this way you MUST come on a week-end so that you can visit the Basilica. Our New Liturgical Music Director is !!AMAZING!!
    Our already faithful Liturgy has taken on new levels of aesthetics and reverence. Taken from the new roman missal's directives, we are carefully striving to choose Rome's first preferences, except when it is so challenging we can't execute it well. Our new minister has worked with the directors from St. Patrick's in NY and Immaculate Conception in DC, (he served internships and special programs in both places.) It has brought a new level of reverential awe to the space as nearly all of our music is now chant based. More Latin is sung, ALL Antiphons are sung( It is so beautiful it makes me cry).

    God's blessings!

    I think that my punctuation is really messed up here; correct it at will.LOL

    1. Karina,

      I wish you could join us tomorrow for our Seder meal! Maybe you should plan a spring trip to Bismarck for next year?

      I look forward to visiting the Basilica (and you) on our next trip to Milwaukee.

      Blessed Triduum and Easter.


  3. Thanks for thinking of me. I quit during Lent because I was blogging for all the wrong reasons. Then I started and thought...I am still blogging for all the wrong reasons.
    I blog because I want to yap with others. I want conversation. All the other gals say the "blog for me". I get that also. But, I needed more I guess and wasn't getting what I needed. Sorta needy I am.
    Thanks for thinking of me! Hope to meet IRL.

    1. I drive through St. Cloud area so often on the way to and from the Twin Cities ... an IRL meeting must take place! Maybe this summer?


      PS I hope to see you here at least, if I can't see you over at your place!

  4. ps...You do a lot during Lent and blog! You are also a great mama and I hope to see that movie soon.

    Thank you for standing up for religious freedoms. It was raining in St.Cloud, so babe and I stayed home.

  5. Hi Michelle! Just popping in to say "hi." I love your Lenten calendar and hearing about how you're doing! A blessed Holy Week and Easter to you and your entire family! If you come to the Twin Cities this summer, we will have to get together!!

    1. Sarah!

      So good to hear from you.

      Are you on Facebook? Maria just sent me a message about getting our old CCC group together some time this summer when we're in town and I was about to get Anne in on the conversation, too. What does the first week of June look like for you?

      Blessed Triduum and Easter.

  6. I just got this because of your e-mail. I will reply via e-mail.


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