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Friday, January 20, 2012

What Works For Me: Personal Prayer

One of the things I like most about reading blogs (especially mom blogs) (most especially Catholic homeschooling mom blogs) is the opportunity to see what works in other people’s homes, with other people’s kids, in other people's lives. Blogs have become a source of inspiration and hope, a go-to for problem-solving and encouragement. I like to share what works for me, and I love to hear about what works for you, because I'm always trying to make things around my home, with my kids, in my life a little better. Let's share the wealth.

Today's topic? Personal prayer.
What works for you?
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As a mom (and I’m sure you other moms can empathize with me), I am pressed to find quiet time for personal prayer. I must have prayer time in the morning, before the kids are awake, or it doesn’t happen. I can’t wait until they’re in bed for the night because I’m just too tired. Even in the morning sometimes I struggle with staying awake, but in the morning prayer time can be accompanied by a cup of coffee, and it most always is. But even in the absence of physical noise, my heart is a cacophony of fears and worries, and my mind is screaming with the day's to-do list, and I often struggle with how to give my Lord my full attention. I find that a longer period of prayer is helpful, forty minutes or so, just because it takes me a while to actually quiet my heart enough to listen a bit. I’ve also appreciated the ancient practice of lectio divina, praying with Scripture -- often I use the Gospel passage for the day. And journaling, especially, prevents my mind from wandering too much and helps me keep my focus.

So, how about you?

When do you pray?



And what do you find most difficult about personal prayer?


  1. Most of my prayer time is in the van, but I drive the children to and from school every day. When I pick them up we turn on Relevant Radio at 3pm to do the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. I have to drive at least 25 minutes to get to a grocery store so I will leave Relevant Radio on or turn on classical music and pray.

    At home I pray when I take a bath. I need a few minutes to calm the noise in my head down, so I do a quick meditation focusing on my breathing before I start. The end of the day I offer up a quick prayer when I am in bed after the kids have gone to sleep.

    I used to think I had to wait for a long period of time to do any of this, which I know has a lot of value for me. Lately just having a few minutes in several parts of my day allows me to pray for many different people and topics because I think of them all in different times of my life. It works well for me now. I need to do more of this with our children. I love having Relevant Radio to help with this, and to hear the prayer requests of others all over the world. It helps me remember to be thankful when I do pray for what I am so blessed with, instead of just praying for the healing I wish for myself and everyone around me.

    Thanks for the post Michelle, for making me think more about this!


  2. I also pray when I run on the treadmill before I turn on the great tunes! Or, I put on some great Christian music and run to that! Usually it's prayers and then a bunch of U2.

    1. Lora,

      I follow my morning prayer time with the elliptical, and I listen to praise and worship while I'm working out, too!


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