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Friday, July 22, 2011

Seven Quick Takes - The What We've Been Up To Edition


-- 1 --

Shortly after Daddy returned from Italy, we went to Minnesota for a long weekend. My MIL threw a wonderful graduation party for my DH, so though we were only in the Cities for three days, we were able to visit with many family members and some of our dearest friends.

-- 2 --

We left the girls in MN for a week of dancing with their friends because we thought we were going to close on our new house that week. Long story short -- we didn't. As of today, progress is being made and, hopefully, we'll be closing some time in the next week.

-- 3 --

We had a professional family photo taken for the first time in years (by a fellow blogger traveling the country in an RV with her family and taking pictures along the way). I can't wait to see the results!

-- 4 --

Almost all of the toys are packed. It has been too hot to play outside, too hot even to go swimming. LEGOS have been my lifesaver.

-- 5 --

I have been reading some wonderful books this month. I just finished Acedia and Me: A Marriage, Monks, and a Writer's Life. I am in the middle of Kristin Lavransdatter -- why had I never heard of this novel until this year!?! And I'm finding Organized Simplicity: The Clutter-Free Approach to Intentional Living to be inspiring -- plus, with moving, I think I'm ideally situated to simplify and organize without the hassle of tearing up the house. I get to start with a blank slate!

-- 6--

Despite the fact that we haven't moved yet *panic* and I haven't even started planning and ordering books for the new school year *deep breath* under obedience to my husband, and in accord with our new family mission statement, I am planning a family vacation. We are going to Pepin, WI, Walnut Grove, MN, and DeSmet, SD ... can you guess why?

-- 7 --

A few days ago I mixed up some of this and put it in the freezer. I forgot it was there until just now. I suppose I can't have any yet -- it's only 10:30 -- but it is Friday, and we're having company for dinner, so I can start counting down at least. I'm going to try to finish packing up the lower level before then! Gotta run!

Have a great weekend!

And go visit Jen.

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