"God made us for joy. God is joy, and the joy of living reflects the original joy that God felt in creating us." (St. John Paul the Great)

Monday, May 16, 2011


I've had lots to blog about lately ...

... my great Mother's Day

... a ginormous bruise

... wood ticks

... a meal prepared by my kids just because

... garage cleaning

... the end of the school year

... our upcoming trip to Milwaukee for DHs graduation

But, I have to admit, I'm not in the mood.

That's right. I don't feel like blogging.

I'm trying to find a house. like yesterday.

And it's not going well.

And I'm frustrated and crabby.

We have to be out of the temporary house we've been living in since July by July.

And I don't know where we're going.

We found a house we liked. It had been sitting on the market for seventy-some days. We made an offer. So did three other people. We offered their asking price with no contingencies. Someone else offered more. We didn't get it.

Back to square one.

We found a house we liked even better than the first one. It was a little out of our range, but we (and our realtor) thought overpriced -- we had looked at similar (and better) houses in the same neighborhood for less. We tried to negotiate, but he rejected every offer. He's only willing to drop $2000 and won't pay closing costs or specials. This dude has a Porsche in his garage and one soon-to-be-graduating kid. I've got a minivan with the wipers stuck in the up position and a driver's side mirror held on with duct tape. I've got four littles and a husband just finishing seven years of graduate school. And he won't negotiate? What gives?

Now, I know God has a plan. But, man, this trust thing is getting harder and harder as July 1 approaches.

I want to cry. Actually, I am.

Prayers appreciated.

Back to square one.

(This sucks.)


  1. Pray to St Joseph. Pray the St Joseph prayer for 9 days. We been blessed every time on the 9th day.

    I'll pray too.
    Give it to God and it will be ok. Let Go.

    God is already in July. He already knows where you will live.


  2. I second Jamie Jo's response...and I'll tell you something else...every time I watch the weather I see the little dot and the letters BIS, and I think of all of you. You keep me going through so much you don't even realize because I know you're 10 degrees colder than I am, you're an incredibly organized Mama, and you've been through so much and you still look as youthful as the day I met you. Here's praying my prayers will lift you up for all the times just the thought of you has lifted my spirits! Love you.:)

  3. OK...that last post was way too sappy and probably didn't help as much as I wanted it to. It probably made you cry even more...so chin up, quit your whinin', and go have a glass of wine!

  4. Thank you, Ladies.

    (And, Grace ... I like sap.)

  5. I second Jamies and PNG..and for sure have a glass of wine. This is stress but you will find something. Just do not give up! You are blessed with one smart husband and your kiddos.


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