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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Star Wars Party

If you want to throw together a themed birthday party in no time (like I got a few ideas for food from this website yesterday, and went to the store this morning three hours before the party), Star Wars is it. And since Star Wars is what The Boy wanted, I lucked out this year.

The other Jedis arrived at 11:00 (earlier in the day being better for seven-year-old Padawan learners, and for this Jedi Master), and first went to work on posters for their rooms at the academy.

They then went downstairs for lightsaber combat training while this Jedi Master made lunch. (The Boy was reluctant to share his new super-cool-from-his-sisters-for-his-birthday lightsabers with the other Jedis, but eventually did.)

After training, lunch was served.

(double-sided lightsaber hot dogs)

(Ewok food, including fish and mattberries)

(carbonite Jell-o with poor Han Solo frozen in it)

Next, the Padawans had a test in speed and agility, when they competed to see who could first successfully build a TIE starfighter.

Finally, cake to celebrate of a hard morning of training.

Good work, young Jedis!


  1. I have done a zillion boy parties and Star Wars was always one of my favs.

    You came up with some great ideas!

  2. Had a swell party you did!

  3. I love Star Wars Parties!!

    Great job mama!!!

    Love the Yoda Soda and the Carbonite jello Hans Solo, very cool!!!

    Happy birthday to your sweet son, God bless him!


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